This Year’s Best of Services in Missoula Montana

Missoula saw the fall of longstanding brick and mortar stores this year and in years prior. However, things must now be booming because we now we are watching new shopping centers and dozens of services open their doors this year. Here’s our take on which ones are best.

This Year’s Plumber

Garden City Plumbing & Heating

This Year’s Roofer

Miller Roofing Inc.

This Year’s Construction

Missoula Concrete Construction

This Year’s Tree Trimmer

Able Tree Service

This Year’s Marketing Agency

InBusiness Missoula SEO

This Year’s Web Designer

Gecko Designs

This Year’s Electrician

Liberty Electric Inc

This Year’s Pool Cleaner

Pool, Pond and Spa

This Year’s Realtor

Cole Bergquist – Realtor, Western Montana

This Year’s Lawyer

Judnich Law Office

This Year’s Guitar Lessons

Childbloom Guitar Program

That’s it for our best services. See you next year!

Artists Ask the Most Intriguing Questions Of Anyone I Know

If you talk with any artists, then you know we ask the best questions. The types of questions that keep you up at night. The type of questions that have you running to your laptop to do research at 1AM.

Today I wanted to share a few tid bits from this week’s discussions just in case you missed them at our local hang out. Here’s a few topics that came up. Why cars are art, Frank brought this up. And then I can’t remember who asked this one – why is cartography an art – but it was a great talk.

What Causes People (Culture) to Disrespect National Parks?

Recently, it seems more and more reports of crimes being committed in public parks is now a normal occurrence. But is this becoming a trend? Or are certain news sources simply reporting more of it than usual?

A few years ago, a man was shot while illegally entering the garage of a local resident where I live. This somehow created public outrage though because of the situation. One man had reportedly been regularly stealing from this residence, and the home owner set a trap. One man lost his life, and it now looks like the homeowner is going to jail.

I bring this situation up because it has to do with property rights. On one hand, it’s clearly wrong to trespass on other’s property. Then we add in context and things become more clear.

There’s a recent uptick in news regarding National Parks here in the United States. Awhile ago, perhaps a few weeks ago was when I first heard about it, a few men were seen trampling over age-old geysers. They clearly caused damage by romping about, and now they’re wanted for this crime. Here’s the video of this. After watching that video, take a look at this one where you can truly see the beauty of that landmark how close can you get to grand prismatic spring

Now, today we see an article by IBTIMES.CO.UK about a man who may have fallen into a geyser and Yellowstone. It seems unclear whether he did or did not, but there’s a growing suspicion that he did.

It’s strange to me. How can people have such a great amount of disrespect for National Parks? Do they not see this as a form of property that all of the residents of the United States essentially own and are responsible for? Would they be ok with desecrating a remnant of Lewis & Clark’s expedition?

What’s more concerning is that this may be a cultural thing. Where people believe it’s justified to do these things. Perhaps to show a video to their friends on YouTube. Or to post a cool picture of Facebook.